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Project Purpose builds purpose and ownership in communities through Education & Economic Empowerment! 

Project Purpose is a Education and Economic Empowerment company. We aimed to invest in creative solutions that provide opportunities for children and their families, neighborhoods, businesses, churches, organizations, and government, to serve as conduits of revitalization in severely distressed communities where at-risk youth are prevalent across the nation.

One of our goals is to slow down or reverse the school to prison pipeline for at-risk youth. The market for this level of service is just as large because our inner city, rural and suburban youth are failing in record numbers because of their environments.

We just received a 10,000.00 grant from the RISE Foundation!  This grant will be used to provide former gang members (or youth at risk of joining a gang) to discover an alternative that leads them to understand their learning styles and their purpose in life.  They will attend an intensive training, receive haircuts and suits, and then will be directed toward the trade, service, or entrepreneurial mentors to lead them into furthering their purpose and becoming productive citizens of the community!



Visions Performing Arts Academy VPAC) 

Visions Performing Arts Company (VPAC) is dedicated to finding artistically talented urban community members and their children to contribute their participation to our Vision. To date, VPAC has been very successful at every event. We use each experience for our continuous improvement to make sure we keep the level of quality on a cutting-edge. In February 2017, VPAC expanded the amount of members on the Board of Directors. The Board is relying on each others’ skills to make our Visions a reality. It is important to all of us to make sure we make decisions that positively affect the community.

100 Bricks is Visions Performance Arts Company building campaign. We ask individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, and foundations to donate.  

Level of Bricks are:             

$100 for a Brick             

$250 for a Sponsor Brick             

$500 Associated Brick           

$1000 for a Founding Brick   

$12 Youth Brick ($1 a month for a year and 10 years and younger).

Our goal is to reach $2 million dollars in Level Bricks and 100,000 Youth Bricks for a total of $1.2 million dollars.

Your donation to V.P.A.C. will get you different advantages for the different levels.  We would love your support and can’t wait to see your name on our donor wall! The amount of bricks you donate, are unlimited and we hope that you encourage everyone you know to donate as well. 100 Bricks is going to ensure that once we obtain our building we will be able to implement monthly programs, events, workshops, instruction, and performances for our children, youth, and adults. We are confident that we will reach our goal. Thank you in advance for your donation. V.P.A.C. is a non-profit tax-exempt organization. DONATE 

A Stronger Cord  A Stronger Cord

Our Mission

A Stronger Cord is a community outreach wellness movement encouraging Americans to exercise, build healthy relationships and embrace the value of community service. More fit, connected and giving. Healthier, individually and collectively. LEARN MORE