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Partnering with Mark McIntosh and A Stronger Cord has been life changing!  Bringing communities together with wellness, exercise, and community service – A Stronger Cord creates a safe place to gather weekly to workout at your own pace, listen to an inspiring speaker sharing their story of triumph and perseverance, and opportunities to serve the isolated populations in the community.  These communities include visiting the elderly in facilities that rarely get visitors, volunteering at food banks, working with Changing the Trend to help with homelessness.  We also gather for celebrations, like throwing a birthday party for a deserving man who spent almost a lifetime never having a birthday party!  We celebrate and help each other heal!


A Stronger Cord  A Stronger Cord

Our Mission

A Stronger Cord is a community outreach wellness movement encouraging Americans to exercise, build healthy relationships and embrace the value of community service. More fit, connected and giving. Healthier, individually and collectively. LEARN MORE