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We hope to have many adults in the building identify themselves first and foremost as “Another Human Being to Keep Kids Safe” as the students hear the books read to them.  They will have an Action Plan for school and home in all safety situations to become more empowered to stay safe wherever they are!


We will be providing several safety activities for each appropriate age group as well as modified plans for students with special needs!  Keep checking back for these plans to be accessed!



Meet Guy Grace!  We are so lucky to have Guy Grace as our Safety Advocate for Project PEACE!  He has helped co-author two books that will soon be published in our Safety Squadron Series!  These two books, Room 23 and the Lockdown Drill and Room 18 and the Talking Box were written specifically to empower elementary aged students with action plans that follow national security guidelines for lockdown and lockout situations.  Come visit Miss Kindheart’s class and Miss Friendly’s class to see how they learn to stay safe with the new technology and routines at Sunshine Elementary School!


In addition, Guy will be providing several pertinent links to help your school to be safer!  Though he has been a first responder to several tragic situations Guy is on a mission to prevent further tragedies and to promote empowerment and safety!