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Suzanne Wolf – Director of Project P.E.A.C.E., Specialist in Classroom Management, Differentiation, Special Needs, Safety and School Preparedness National Trainer for Time to Teach in Classroom Management, “The Educator’s Educator” and Co-Author of (soon to be published) “Safety Squadron Series”

Suzanne Wolf has been passionate about providing underprivileged communities with resources and opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. She also has enjoyed bridging the gap of communication between Spanish speaking families and their interactions at school and in the community as well. Suzanne recently had an epiphany after becoming an Associate Trainer for Time to Teach, that there were many highly regarded colleagues with a similar passion to improve the state of our educational system around the nation (and ultimately throughout the world). The concept of “several pieces of a puzzle being necessary to improve the educational picture as a whole”, inspired Suzanne to create the idea of a heart shaped puzzle as the logo for Project P.E.A.C.E. Suzanne is now eager to promote. Project P.E.A.C.E. on a national level to impact classrooms on a grander scale than her one classroom at a time. Suzanne is now eager to promote Project P.E.A.C.E. on a national level to impact classrooms on a grander scale.


Guy Grace – Safety and Security Advisor of Project P.E.A.C.E. in Colorado, Co-Creator of the upcoming published series “The Safety Squadron” Director of Security and Emergency Planning – Littleton Public Schools

Guy is a recipient of many national and security industry awards and recognitions. Guy is a regular speaker at school safety trade conferences and a regular security media commentator for various trade magazines and media. Guy has created and assisted with developing many security related projects, protocols and practices that are utilized today in school safety. Guy also serves as a Director on the Partner Alliance for Safe Schools that assists the security industry and K-12 schools to develop industry standards and guidance related to security for K-12 schools. Guy is also an Area Director on the newly created “Safety Squadron Series” that creates safety learning awareness programs for students and educators in an empowering and positive format. The series will be published and available soon. Guy also serves as the Safety and Security Advisor for the Project P.E.A.C.E Initiative that empowers the entire school culture of students, staff, community, and industry to overcome challenges in education.


Victoria Ford – Project P.E.A.C.E. Advocate for Behavior Intervention for At Risk Students, Culture and Climate,  and Schoolwide Behavior Systems

National Trainer for Time to Teach in Classroom Management

Education Administrator- East Coast Inner City Schools

Victoria Ford is an administrator with a vast knowledge of school districts, school leadership, and students. She has been a teacher, school principal, and a district management support director. She is currently a district administrator in the third- largest urban school district in the country. She is the leader in the development and implementation of behavior interventions and restorative practices based on a system of multi-tiered support for students. She works with numerous schools and students in developing the life skills students must acquire for success.
As an administrator, Victoria is data driven and compassionate. Her emphasis is on effective schools where children can learn and teachers can teach. She believes in creating a supportive environment for all stakeholders. As a building principal, she established a discipline management system which included an alternative learning environment and implemented curriculum that allowed students to develop positive self-identity. She values and supports both the academic and the social emotional development of children and adolescents.
Victoria Ford has a B.B.A. in Marketing, M.A. in Education Administration and Supervision and an M.A. in Multicultural Education.

Ashlie Randolph -Project PEACE Advocate in Differentiated Instruction    Nationally Accredited Trainer in Differentiated Instructor for Time to Teach, Educator

As an educator within the largest school district in the state of Nevada for nearly a decade, I have had the great pleasure of teaching a variety of students ranging from Pre-K to 8th Grade. Within the private sector, I have facilitated a variety of programs and learning environments that have allowed adults with intellectual disabilities to develop skills essential to them living successful lives independently. My experiences in both of these fields have impressed upon me how relevant a differentiated approach is to effective instruction. On my journey to be the most effective educator that I can be, I have discovered and implemented various teaching methods which I am committed to sharing with my fellow educators. In the field of Education, the greatest reward is seeing your students not only comprehend that which you are teaching, but to take these concepts on as their own. Differentiated Instruction is a proven method which is easy to learn and implement into your teaching style that will increase success both for you and your students both inside and outside of the classroom. I look forward to sharing my knowledge as an educator with you and your colleagues as you continue your development in the noble profession of Education via my on-site training sessions and keynote engagements.


Debbie Grace – Project P.E.A.C.E. Advocate in Special Needs, Mental Health, School Safety, At Risk, Multicultural/Diversity, Suicide Prevention School Counselor for HOPE Online Academy

Debbie Grace began her career in 1989 working as needed at Mental Health facilities, on call for milieu management and needs assessments at emergency room for drug/alcohol abuse and suicide assessment. In 1992, Debbie worked for courts at Denver Detention Center as a Pre-trial Release Case Manager providing resources to youth and families. In 1996, she became a Victim’s Advocate for the Denver District Attorney assigned to District Court. She met Guy Grace (see above) in 2004 while pursuing her graduate degree. In 2007, she became a Licensed Educational Specialist from the School of Psychology through the University of Northern Colorado. Since that time, she has focused her career on the Mental Health and Behavioral Needs of K-12 students. Debbie is also a collaborator on the newly created “Safety Squadron Series” that creates safety learning awareness programs for students and educators in an empowering and positive format. The series will be published and available soon.

JoAnn Berkley, Ed.D. – Project PEACE Advocate in School Culture and Climate  –  Nationally Certified Trainer in Classroom Management for Time to Teach, and Administrator

Dr. JoAnn Berkley is a visionary and mission driven leader who brings over twenty years of experience as a transformational leader and administrator. She has worked as a middle school principal, an elementary principal, curriculum coordinator/assistant principal, instructional coach, former classroom teacher, new teacher mentor and regional professional development trainer.
Her expertise is in urban education with a focus on school reform, effective schoolwide and classroom behavior management strategies and leadership development. In her current role as a School Culture and Climate Specialist, she is responsible for working with Principals and School Leadership Teams in creating and transforming their overall school and classroom culture and climate into dynamic and vibrant learning environments that promote high expectations for all students to learn, achieve and succeed.
A graduate of Temple University with a B.S. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from Cheyney University, and most recently earned her Doctorate Degree in Innovation and Leadership from Wilmington University.

Leah Raymond – Project PEACE Advocate in Special Education and Special Needs Students

Paraprofessional for Special Education Students in Middle School 

Leah is currently publishing lesson plans for Safety Modifications and Back to School Lessons for Special Needs Students.